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In dry areas, it is common place to experience static problems with carpets. Static problems are caused by the human body, moving across carpets; it picks up an electrical charge caused by friction on the surface of carpets and the bottoms of your feet.Sometimes a static electric charge or electric shock occurs when your body connects with a conductive material like a table or door handle.

Anti-Static treatment Kent discharge the static electric charge that creates an unexpected shock when you touch a lighting switch or metallic matter after stepping on rugs or carpets. Anti-Static treatment Kent’s anti-static treatments are harmless for application on rugs or carpets of every fibre.

Anti-static treatments are administered on carpets plus rugs in offices, shops, computer studios, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, stores, houses and everywhere that static electricity are present.

Anti-static treatments leave a non-sticky film that carries the static electrical charge from the surface of the fibre. Regular practices will prevent the static electric charge from occurring in rugs and carpets, and prevents static electric shocks.
Static shocks occur on a much more regular basis during the winter months. Static builds when your homes windows are shut, and the central heating is on, this action coupled with a carpet of man-made fibers such as nylon or polypropylene.

Ace Carpet Cleaners KentHints & Tips= How can I prevent anti-static shocks?

  • Owning lots of plants throughout your home.
  • Installing humidifiers or opening windows.

If you experience a persistent problem, Anti-Static treatment Kent can tackle the problem by applying anti-static spray solutions straight onto the carpets. Dirt in your carpet will prevent the anti-static solution from doing its job effectively, so it is vital that your carpets are totally clean before starting an anti-static treatment