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Ace Carpet Cleaners Kent have been providing Leather Cleaning Kent and surrounding counties since 1963. It goes without saying that over that extended period that we have a wealth of experience and expertise in leather cleaning Kent.
Most families purchase leather sofas and upholstery assuming a maintenance free life. Regrettably, that simply isn’t correct. Proper care and maintenance, will prevent leather from deteriorating, growing dry and breakable. At this point what we would consider regular use produces cracks in the leather, and the finish then wears and flakes off. The leather will then absorb day to day dirt and oils which are not only difficult to remove leaving the unprotected leather to absorb dirt and body oils. Modern central heating systems all help to speed this process up and shorten the life of your leather furniture.Call Ace Leather Cleaning Kent today!

Now come on lets, not panic!
Because if you take proper care of leather upholstery it by far and away outlives all other types of fabric. Remember you’ve just found the best leather cleaners Kent has to offer, Call today and get a great deal from Ace Leather Cleaners Kent and let us restore your leather furniture to its original splendor.

Professional Leather Cleaners Kent

Being a professional leather cleaner Kent is an art, expert skill and sophisticated specialist techniques are a must if you want it to emerge new and shining once more. Ace Leather Cleaners Kent are specialists in cleaning every type of leather. Rely on Ace Leather Cleaners Kent to deliver your leather sofa the pamper therapy it warrants.

Many different varieties of leathers that are available in today’s marketplace.Also because of the reality that damage can often be obscured by everyday grime on leather. Ace Leather Cleaners Kent continually require an inspection of items prior to giving an accurate quote for leather cleaning work. Call Ace Leather Cleaners Kent today for a free quote 24 hours a day.
Different kinds of leather are used when making upholstery, and they all have distinct characteristics that must be satisfied in varying ways if you wish to prolong its life.

Most leather upholstery utilizes colored or pigmented leather. If the coloration of your leather is entirely uniform, beside no shading or contrast in its colour, pigmented leather is probable.
Everyday accidents and spills can be wiped off using a damp cloth because the pigments in the leather protect it by building a barrier for oils and liquid and protect them from soaking into your leather.

Hints and Tips= How to Care for Leather

What steps can you take to care for your leather?

It sounds simple but it is vitally essential that you get the correct identification of the type of leather you possess, then only ever use the leather cleaning products that are specific for the leather type you have.
There should typically be a label situated somewhere on your item that gives leather care instructions and advice direct from the company that manufactured your item.

Ace Leather Cleaners Kent are leather cleaning experts so If you’re unsure, get a professional opinion.