Rug Cleaners Kent

Looking for Trustworthy Rug Cleaners Kent?

Put your mind at rest, call in the rug cleaning experts Ace Rug Cleaners Kent. At Ace Rug Cleaners Kent, we specialise in fine and oriental rug cleaning throughout Kent, At Ace we eliminate stains and troublesome marks to keep your prized possession in excellent condition.

Expert Rug Cleaning

Call Ace Rug Cleaners Kent when your treasured rugs or tapestries demand experienced specialist consideration. Ace Rug Cleaners Kent are equipped with all the essential crafts and expertise to keep your furnishings in incredible condition. By using gentle instruments and techniques to sustain your rugs to the highest of standards delicately. You can trust Ace Rug Cleaners Kent with your prized possessions. Ace Rug Cleaners Kent treat the affected area with superior and soft materials to retain that good as new look. Get a great deal and get in touch with Ace Rug Cleaners Kent for a free no obligation quote.

Is your living room looking untidy, because of a dirty rug?

Is your living room rug dirty or faded causing you to be embarrassed?

Bring back the vibrant colour and style of your rugs by calling Ace Rug Cleaners Kent. With Ace Rug Cleaners Kent, you get a great deal on professional rug cleaning for all kinds of rugs: Modern, Contemporary Acrylic, Cotton, Persian Oriental or Wool.

Do I Need Professional Rug Cleaning?

Over the many years we have been cleaning rugs in Kent, many customers have told us that initially they thought that their rug could easily be cleaned at home using some hot soapy water and a brush.Customers have also told us that this was simply not adequate.

Ace Rug Cleaning Kent, understand the anxieties of homeowners. When you own an expensive and exquisite rug, it is perfectly normal to desire an outstanding cleaning result.

The following basic tests can help you to decide if professional rug cleaning is needed:

  • Grab hold of the corner portion of your rug and sharply beat the backing of the rug, if a dust cloud appears then you need Ace Rug Cleaners Kent.
  • Another way to test this out is to rub your hands on the rug, if your hands are dirty, then it’s time to call Ace Rug Cleaners Kent.
  • If You are worrying that stains from coffee or tea will not come out of your rug despite cleaning it with a brush, then call Ace for professional rug cleaning services.

If you have a family heirloom antique rug and are unsure how to bring it back to its former glory? Call Ace Rug Cleaners Kent to guarantee it is cleaned correctly without endangering its quality.