Stain Protection Kent

Stain Protection Kent products are used in homes all over the world for more than 20 years. Get an extra safeguard for your valuable carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Scotchguard Carpet and Upholstery Stain Protector known worldwide and has been successfully used by Ace Carpet Cleaners Kent for longer than a two decades. Stain Protection Kent on carpets, rugs and upholstery and delivers additional strength counts in a permanent stain and superbly cleaned furniture

How does Stain Protection work?

Scotchguard Stain protector is customarily administered prior to an extensive professional cleaning has taken place. Every fibre will be coated with a transparent UV resistant defence, dispersing oil- and water-based stains. Accidental spillages happen, the liquid will then bead up ,rest on the surface and not soak into the carpet, and gives you more reaction time, preventing unsightly stains from moving in.

Scotchguard Stain Protector Benefits

  • Added protection for furnishings
  • Water-based liquids and oils deflected
  • Everyday grime protection
  • Carpets and sofas with longer lives
  • Deal with spills quickly


How is Stain Protection applied?

1.Massive furniture has to be moved

Ace Carpet Cleaners Kent will move large items of furniture such as chairs and tables when applying Stain Protection Kent and beyond. Nevertheless for insurance purposes we ask that you please relocate small items away from your floor and remove all valuables items and ornaments ahead of us arriving at your property. So that we may start your cleaning and stain protection service straight away on arrival.

2. Locate Problem stains

Ace Carpet Cleaners Kent pre-work the carpet to locate each stubborn stain. Expert professional stain removal procedures on stains that are of particular anxiety to you or deemed as challenging to eliminate unless using specialist carpet cleaning methods.

3. Pre-spray

We then apply a heavy-duty pre-spray system devised to electro-mechanically raise oily grime from deep sown in the carpet fibres and dissolve them in aqueous cleaning solutions set to be swiftly and harmlessly removed utilising our state-of-the-art extraction machines.

4. Hot water extractors

Now for the fun part, time for those extremely expensive cleaning machines used to give a thorough clean and rinse to your carpets. Hot, high-pressure water extraction units are the tool of choice as they use heated water at high temperatures that blast cleaning solution toward stained carpets at remarkably high pressure. Shattering dirt, pollens and bacteria within your carpet and changes it into water soluble liquids. Next step is the machine generating a powerful vacuum to extract dirt and substances from your carpet. The world’s largest carpet manufacturers all recommend this carpet cleaning and stain protection method.

5. Furniture Leg Protectors

Our carpet cleaners return your furniture back onto the carpet using protective foil tabs on each of the legs. We do this because on occasions moisture left in the carpet can purge out colour-stain finishes from furniture transmitting an incredibly difficult to remove stain onto your carpet.

6. Scotch guard carpet fibre stain protector

We use a water based Teflon carpet stain protector. The actual name for this, you may have heard of, it’s called Scotch guard. A Scotch guard treatment provides stain protection for your carpet until its next cleaning session. Spills are easily cleaned up after and your carpet will live longer when grit does not stick to the carpet fibres and wear them out.

Ace Carpet Cleaners Kent stand by our recommendation that Scotchguard Stain Protection Kent is a must have option for longer living hygienic carpets throughout your home.

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